Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alpaca-Silk scarf.

This is finally done. It hasn't been a year, but I've worked on it many, many hours in many different stitch patterns because of indecisiveness. Actually, if it still rolls after I take it off of the blocking board, I may knit on some more edge stitches. I only did two for the garter stitch selvage. Two is not enough. Alpaca-silk is descriptive and it is also the name of the yarn by Blue Sky Alpacas. It's nice; I like it. 150 yards a pop, sportweight. Stitch pattern shot. "Little and large diamonds" from the newer version of the Harmony knitting stitch pattern books. I did enjoy the knitting of this pattern.
Texture shot.

Problem: ran out of blocking board.

Solution: cardboard box from digital television converter.

By the way, I find that keeping the "blocking board" completely folded makes it much easier to use because the unwieldiness becomes wieldiness and the pins don't poke out the back. It's only too bad I can't fold it the long way also. Some day I am going to tackle my blocking board issues for real. It may be to buy a new cardboard cutting board, but covering it with clear plastic before using it so that I don't get it all warped and extra double unwieldy from the wet blockees and squirtdowns. *Note: I did notice the 2 scallops and repinned and rewetted those parts.

A quickie Jester Hat (Ravelry link) courtesy of Elizabeth Morrison. I only used her pattern for the decreases and top doodad because I had fewer stitches to get size, but I should have used it for the beginning as well because I made it a tad short. It's a very heavy weight vintage yarn from Brunswick--the yarn company, not the province nor the old Brunswick either.

I have pictures of the recipient wearing the hat before washing and blocking to stretch length. I'll add them to my next post. It will be about the yellow (and now also blue) cotton baby blanket sampler. I'm working on the outside borders. **Another note: I mean the stretching and blocking of the hat, not the recipient.

Phrase of the day: Seen on a sign hanging above and just to the left of the exit point of the Mitchell Field airport security gauntlet.

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