Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Layla's Sacque

Here is the baby sacque I've been making for the young Miss Petersen, now approaching the ripe old age of 5 (days). 
     Yes, that is colorwork.  I broke my ban on colorwork.  Don't get excited, it doesn't mean I'll be whipping out any 38 color Fair Isle vests or Norwegian ski sweaters.
     Some people may be familiar with my mixed feelings about the color pink.  But you see, it was on sale.  Giralte's Beads was going out of business and there, on a shelf, cowering from all the vulgar, garish colors of Cascade 220 superwash, were the 3 pink heathery puffs and 1 green heathery puff.  What was I supposed to do?  Ignore them?  Don't be crass.   I still have one and a half balls of pink left and maybe one third of the green. 
      The sleeves are leg o'mutton, meaning the top part is puffed and the bottom part is straight.  Hard to tell from the picture.  Knitters familiar with top-down sweater knitting may understand the need to bring in the bulk more dramatically (got sick of trying to taper because I made the arms too wide).   It could turn out really cute. 
     The bottom is hemmed with a side-load drawstring.  It took me a day or two to get the string just right.  I wanted it to lay flat and not curl, yet be polished.  I am pleased with what I produced.  I'm not sure I love the hem and the wide drawstring combination.  It's a little bulky, but it does achieve the look and function that I wanted.
      It's just swell and I like it a lot.  Do you know what else is swell?  Blogger.  I think it's letting me indent! They changed the interface.  It's 1. about time and 2. A lot easier to use.  

     Finally, I have proof that I have been to the gym and that the kids who work behind the counter get bored.