Friday, October 10, 2008

More baby stuff done

First there was this. (Link) Now there is this.
Pattern: Red, Set, Go by Jill Eaton from the book Monkeysuits. The only real alteration I made was to knit the hat in stockinette except for about an inc and a half around the face. I did put the sleeves on upside down because I think arms go that way, but it does show the lumps from double increases in seed stitch. I knit them in the round. The seams that I do have are extremely bulky. I am assuming that the yarn called for would be more stretchy and squishable even though it knit to this big gauge.
Yarn: Idena Big Sport Cotton
Needles: size 7 US
It doesn't seem like the hat could ever fit a human being, but I hope to find out if it did. I might make it again. The picture in the book is mighty, mighty adorable.
I made the buttons too, because they had nothing that worked at the most local local yarn shop. I'm sick of hauling ass all over town for buttons. I took the polymer clay bead class this summer from Lynne Bergschultz just for this type of occasion. I'm not saying these are the best match either, but as separate objects, they are pretty. I should have polished them a little, though. Do you like how you can see my fingerprints?