Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Rest of the Story of Rosa's Blanket.

First let me apologize for the unpictured and uncredited squares. Sixty different people contributed: Theresa, Terri, Lynne, Margie, Jennifer, Beth, Cherie, Diane, Lauren, Rosa, Bev, Nola, and I. We used Lion Brand Fisherman's yarn. There are 25 twelve inch (30 cm.) blocks arranged in a five by five square. Theresa and I carefully whip-stitched all the seams. But that isn't the real story.
The real story is a tale told mostly in pictures.
This is the square that never was. It is not in the quilt. I don't think I've ever worked as hard on a piece of knitting as on that. That's why I'm making you look at it. It is what became of the little pyramid from several posts back. It stubbornly remains lettuce despite the concerted efforts of the best minds in modern medicine knitting. I think a frog ate it. I don't want to see it ever again. It'll suck me into trying to perfect it again. Let's leave that to cooler heads.
Knitter unknown. Sorry.Knitter unknown. Knitter unknown. I knitted this one to replace the square which shall not be named.

Center gets the square. This kooky kewl square was used as the very center of the blanket. Knitted by Lauren.
Knitter unknown. Memory like a sieve, anybody?
Teddy was into it.
The last two sections are combined.
The first peek at it as a single piece.

Both kitties wanted to pose with it, but neither wanted to be seen posing. Here is Musette,

and you all know Teddy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ten Things I Didn't Know about Myself

Wait . . . Have I got that title right? Close enough.

1. I am a perfectionist.
2. I don't like to take off the shrink wrap that comes on new appliances and other items. One day down the road I will be able to take it off and have the washer or other object look great even though I didn't actually keep it nice.

3. I shared a bedroom with my grandma while I was in sixth through twelfth grade. It was there I learned how to sew and how to put on a bra.

4. Grandma taught me also that you should use clean rags for kotex and if you want to get rid of a tapeworm you begin by sitting on a bucket. I did for a time do the first, but have never had occasion to try the second.

5. My other grandma taught me how to iron. I don't iron my clothes anymore. I go to work with them wrinkled. It's a look. It's interesting that neither grandma taught me that ironing is the one thing that really makes your sewing look professional.
6. I gained 15 pounds every time I seriously tried to quit smoking, but failed. It didn't go away when I started again.

7. I don't smoke anymore now. I only managed to quit by doing it gradually. It took more than two years.

8. I love vests. I have several batches of stash yarn that I bought to make myself a vest.
9. I can't figure out how to knit a Clapotis. It strains my tiny, little pea-sized brain.

10. I like wearing plaid, especially shorts.

11. I don't wear sweaters much. They are too hot to wear except at home.

12. The last time I wrote 10 things about myself I could only think of seven, so now you have to suffer through 13.
13. I'm a joy to have around. Ask anybody.

I will now pass on the award that prompted the list to 10 other beautiful bloggers to perhaps tell us 10 things about themselves. No obligations.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Quickie Post on The Secret Project

Our Monday night knitters have a remarkable member. She's like our sister who's way smarter, much more talented, light years cuter, and waaay younger than everybody else. On top of all that, she's kind and generous. We all love her. Her name is Rosa. She just got married on Saturday and we got to dance at her wedding! We made her and her hubby an Aran type afghan as a surprise. There will be more about that in the next post. Here are several of the squares before seaming. Please forgive me and inform me of the makers of the ones I've forgotten or miscredited.
by Diane (?) by Terri (?)
by Jennifer

by Lynne

by Rosa herself (Aren't we sly?)

Monday, June 07, 2010


From the Latin "by things" -A riddle where pictures and/or symbols represent words or syllables through sound or synonym.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


4th Annual Alt Knitting Camp
July 12-14, 2010
Devil's Lake State Park
Baraboo, Wisconsin