Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't look at me

I didn't knit this; Laura did. It will be a Classic Lines Cardigan when it's done. The pattern is from KnitPicks, but I don't know about the yarns. Laura is my cousin. We used to take baths together, but we stopped when we both couldn't fit in the tub at the same time. Just kidding. We stopped after Y2K because of the hot water shortage. Still kidding. Laura flew to Milwaukee and stayed a week to take care of me after my ticker tinkering. She did a bang up good job. I didn't knit these; Rosa and Diane from Monday nights did. The wool is Lion Brand Fisherman's yarn.

I didn't knit this; Elizabeth Sable did, and in her awesomeness, she gave it to meeee! The yarn is Rowan Tapestry. It is not itchy. Does it look familiar? I didn't knit this either; Laura did. Now it is a wrap residing in California. All it needs is buttons(not sure where) . The yarn is a Zitron mohair yarn called Prisma. I made something out of the same yarn in the same colorway. I bought it on a trip to visit Laura. It was on sale--big surprise.

Monday, May 10, 2010


The thing about not feeling like blogging is not feeling like blogging about not blogging. I want everybody to know that I am doing just fine. I am going back to work on May 17. My level of feeling crummy is about up to the level I was at before I had surgery except that I am much more tired when I pour myself into bed at night.

I have been exercising (walking) on my own quite a bit, with the exception of a bad day here and there. I had my first cardiac rehabilitation class today. It's really just exercise with a heart monitor on and nurses who check your blood pressure. I rode a stationary bike and I also "rode" a hand bike and I walked the treadmill, all at very easy settings. We did a few arm things with light weights. This was the only non-cardio thing. It all took less than an hour. I think I could go harder, but I'm trying not to second-guess the nurses.

I am just fine. Please don't worry. Thank you for checking in. I love you, man!