Monday, July 14, 2008

One done, one started

The Bliss Baby Blanket is done. I haven't blocked it yet. I'm still unsure of the wisdom of trying that. The yarn is a very heavy pure cotton. I lost track of the skein count, but this baby must weigh nearly two pounds. I'm guessing that I used approx 8 100 gram skeins. That's 800 grams divided by 454, equals nearly 2 pounds. I don't even know if I want to get it wet. Who knows how long it will take to dry. I suppose I should get off my rear and do it today though since the humidity is at a living level. Now where did I put the million boxes of pins with heads I bought for blocking?

Baby Bliss Blanket by Melissa J. Goodale
Yarn: Idena Cotton Big Sport, 100 yards per 100 grams. Color 187 (Orchid, I say)
Needle: Boye Needle Master US No. 7 (Yes I AM a loose knitter)
Gauge in Pattern: 14.5 st to 4 inches
1. I added an edge of single crochet to even out the lumps that the corners of the segments were making and to make the edge stronger. The cast on edge was partly just a single strand of yarn because I cast on my version of the e-wrap cast-on because I read somebody's account on Ravelry who said they didn't like the way a long-tail cast-on looked. I think this mod was pretty successful.
2. About halfway through I decided to slip every first stitch of the rectangles. This cut down on bulk and made the rectangle edges smoother. See if you can tell from the picture. The cast-on/cast-off edges are oriented side to side in the photo.

I have started (yet) another project. Sorry for the blurry pic, but this one has the yarn included. I am double stranding Opal Hundertwasser with some of my dwindling stash of beloved vintage baby yarn. You may remember this yarn from here. I really adore how it's turning out. The self stripiness does not detract at all. Nay, it actually contributes. This project has a deadline which is incidentally the first day of knitting camp next week, July 22. It is for a work friend who is turning 50. There is a surprise party that night and I want to drop this off ahead of time. She has very sharp and sparkly baby blue eyes. I spent a good 1 or 2 weeks messing around trying to settle on a yarn and a pattern. Finally I am happy with this and I don't think I'll have any trouble finishing it on time. Except for one little thing . . .

Tendonitis! In my left arm. I've had it for about 2-3 months now. At first I barely noticed it, there was just a twinge now and then when I was lifting or holding something heavy. Now it hurts a lot more frequently, especially when I lift anything at all, even an empty coffee cup. I am icing it and I may start some ibuprofen after I'm done with the antiviral (long story involving clown tongue). I don't think that knitting is responsible. If it gets worse, I may have to quit knitting for a while after I finish the seafoam scarf, or at least reconfigure how I hold the yarn.


Sue, aka seiding said...

What, we don't get to hear about the clown tongue?

The blanket looks great, I'd like to snuggle under it myself.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about the arm.

The blanket is very cute! A success!