Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I made this

It was for a fellow teacher's surprise 50th birthday party which was July 22nd. That was the same day as knitting camp started, so I couldn't go. I did wrap it and drop it off ahead of time. I knit it in less than a week. I believe the pattern is called Seafoam. I've seen it in a number of stitch dictionaries, but there is a well-written version by Ali Green here. I didn't have the 2 edge stitches in the one I used, but I can't find now.

Pattern: Seafoam stitch
Yarns: Opal Hundertwasser and very pale blue vintage Red Heart baby wool double stranded.
Needle: Size 7 US
Size: 65 x 9 inches
I like how double stranding and combining with another yarn softened the self-stripiness of the Hundertwasser. I was just crazy about finding this yarn for a good price when it came out. I bought five, but now I'm not as excited about it. This actually was my favored colorway of the ones I had. I would have liked socks from it. I do have enough left for a small pair of socks. Maybe enough for Amy of the small feet or for some kid. I destashed 2 others and that leaves 2. One is pretty similar to this one. I can't remember the other and I don't see it in my Ravelry stash. I either knitted it up, or it escaped or I imagined it, albeit poorly.


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful scarf. I hope your co-worker appreciates it! Double-stranding with a solid really worked wonders.

MollyBeees said...

Oh my gosh! This is gorgeous. I made several seafoam scarfs a while back but only in solid colors. I'm going to have to try self striping!

jpknits said...

A person can forget how yarn changes its neighbor when you carry the two together. Very nice gift!