Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Progress reports

1. The Bliss Blanket. I think one more repeat, which is 2 rows of diamonds.

2. The girls in their nightgowns. The nightgowns are NOT too big. I'm sorry. But I know Emma's is cozy. I got so excited when I had my camera out and she woke up from the chair, stood up with her doll and made a huge yawn. I got it! I managed to hold the camera still and snapped it. But right when the perfect photo appeared on the screen so did some message about a door being open. I had managed to pop open the battery/memory card door when I squeezed the shutter. As I learned in German class, Das ist aber schade. As I learned in French class, C'est la vie. As I learned from the radio, Que sera, sera.

Least, but last of all, these have been various lacy scarf beginnings and now they are socks . . . maybe. I definitely know they're for a work friend who's turning 50 this summer.


Elizabeth said...

Aren't they adorable??


Kristina B said...

The Bliss Blanket is looking fab.

And the nightgowns! Can I have one?