Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stitch-N-Pitch Milwaukee

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Stitch-N-Pitch at Miller Park in Milwaukee. The Brewers hosted and were hosed by the Colorado Rockies. Allow me to introduce my charming dinner companions, Lil and Shirley. We had steak--tube steaks. Yes, Shirley had a dog with mustard and relish, while Grandma Lil and I each had brats with everything on them. We had a lovely time, but the ladies were not happy with the scoreboard. I didn't pay the game as much attention as I should have because I was hell-bent on finishing this, my 10 x 10 swatch for an afghan later to be auctioned to benefit Brewers' charities. I didn't quite get there. We all got a bag with a free ball of yarn. I liked the yarn I had very much, but it had many, many breaks and weak spots and I had to keep spit splicing it. Poor Grandma Lil and Shirley. I think they may have thought it was disgusting. I suppose it truly was.
Dude, where's my car?
To top off the evening, we lost the car. It took quite a while to find. There we were, the wandering Jews. Eventually, I had to park the ladies and go off on my own to where I thought it was. I made the decision about whether they should stay back or come. Shirley's hip was getting bad, so I left them. They had road barricades to lean on and a spot out of the traffic.Idiotic of me not to have brought the keys, now wasn't it? So I had to go back to the ladies, repark them some place where the car would be able to reach them and they could maybe sit down, return to the car and drive it over to finally pick them up. When I got back there were great big rescue dudes on bicycles talking to them. When I pulled up and got out of the car I got the dirtiest, withering, you low piece of scum look from one of them I've ever had in my entire life for abandoning my two old ladies at a bike rack. Talk about fumbling. I couldn't figure out how to get the doors unlocked and tried to make jokes. They weren't having it.

You can't imagine how guilty I feel. It's worse now than when it happened. But I got them home safely and we all have a new story to tell.


Elizabeth said...

Aw Kathy, don't be too hard on yourself about the ladies. It's not like you can leave them without their consent, right? I mean, at some point, they agreed that it was better for you to search on alone.

Sue, aka seiding said...

You need not feel any guilt. It's clearly ALL MY FAULT. You should have made that clear to the huge rescue dudes on bikes. Sorry I missed it!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I talked to Lil today and she insists they weren't scared. I feel better now.