Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gourmet S'Mores & Knitting Camp 2008 .

A good time was had by me at this year's knitting camp. I can't speak for "All." I was told by Nola from Monday night knitting to take lots of pictures. Here they are.
The weather was great.
Breakfast morphed into lunch. We had lots of sausage. There is talk of naming our camp Sausage Camp. (Okay, that was just me.) There were 3 kinds, 4 if you count weenies. You never sausage food.

This, in particular was delicious. Elizabeth cooked it. I think everybody had seconds. Some of us had thirds. Of course I'm not talking about the salad part. Elizabeth worked her tail off, by the way. She also carted my ass, did the shopping, provided lodging, cooked more food for us and made the coffee.

Making S'Mores on night number one. You can tell it's the first night because the S'More making started before the fire was truly mellow enough. The S'Mores were gourmet because there were regular grahams, chocolate grahams, peanut butter cookies, Hershey bars OR fancier chocolate. Yes, I tried the peanut butter cookie s'more! Note: Choose a cookie with a mid to high degree of structual integrity. I think Oreos show promise.

The accommodations were accommodating. There was another tent, too. That does'nt look rite with to m's.

Knitting happened.

So did the weaving in of ends on a crochet project, though I don't believe the actual crocheting occurred at camp. If more crocheting was this nice, more of us would like it better.

I thought the yarn swap was pretty big. This by the way, is only part one. JPKnits came later, bearing mohair.
I'm up for doing it again next year. But if I win the lottery, we're going to the Washington House Inn or some such place. They've got fireplaces for the s'mores. I know I can win. I just need to buy a ticket once in a while.


Sue, aka seiding said...

Well, then it'd have to be a Knitter's Retreat instead of Knitting Camp. A good time was also had by me!

Criosa said...

and the puns continue...

I'm glad that marshmallow's not on fire - my ankle would be scared

can't wait for next year - whether it's a retreat or a camp (or both!)

Kristina said...

The knitting looks fab, as does the pasta. Looks like a guid time was had by all!! :-)

Helen said...

you are such a hoot! I agree it was turning into sausage camp. I never eat that much sausage!!

I like my crochet. Next year I should actually do some crochet...

Elizabeth said...

Sausage is an easy food to take camping. All those preservatives!

The spinach feta tomato pasta looks particularly yummy on your plate!

(My verification word is "bwazhl". I kind of like that one.)

Anonymous said...

And now all that yarn is at your house, Kathy. I can't wait for you to win the lottery!! I'll even sleep over. Can we have sausage races like they do at baseball games, we could knit costumes.(I wouldn't finish mine, of course)