Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blanket Blockery

The red pins are push pins. I bought a lot of little packs of them once when I saw them very cheap. They were my great idea for blocking because T-Pins were too expensive and hard to push in and sewing pins hurt the heck out of my fingers. They didn't work on the blanket because they are too short to stay in. The blanket is pretty thick. I'm hoping they will work on a thinner project. Worsted weight maybe not, but lace I think.

Here is the blocking process illustrated.
1. I lowered the water level in the washer and washed this on the slowest wringer speed in warm. I let it spin and then put it in the dryer with a few other dry clothes (leftover from my last load) for about 10 minutes.

2. I pinned it out using all but about 6 of the pins you see on the pin holder.

3. It pinned out to 39 X 37.25 inches.
4. Enjoy staring at and examining your knitted object for a while. Try not to obsess about imperfections.

5. See how nicely it folded up. When I unpinned it the edges pulled in a little. I'd say the final measurements are approximately 35 X 37. Perfect size, I think.

6. Prepare for giving it away by putting it somewhere cat hair free until the time comes.


Kristina said...

I love this blanket!!! Can I have it?!

What imperfections?



Batty said...

So pretty! It's a perfectly beautiful blanket, I love everything about it.