Monday, May 14, 2007

EH, nothing really new

So why post then, right? I guess I just want to keep it going. Keep something up for a change.

What am I knitting lately? I haven't worked on it in a few days now, but I actually hauled out the sleeves to my oldest UFO and restarted them. Restarted them twice. I am now happy with the further apart increases that start sooner after the cuff that I made on the second try. I had to resort to knitting one sleeve at a time because one of the size 11 circs I had was so long and curly that it was just too obnoxious and tangly with the other circ and the 4 balls of yarn. Yet it was not really long enough for 2 on magic loop on that many large stitches. I could have used it for knitting one of the 2 sleeves and knit one on the 16 incher that I have. However, when I moved one to the 16 incher it was so much more pleasant that I decided to do both on that needle. Therefore, I'll have to finish 1 before I can do the other. It should be ok though, because the cuff is done and the increases are very obvious since I am knitting stockinette and doing kfb increases. I should be able to duplicate the math on the 2nd sleeve. The picture was taken sometime before I frogged. Now I am mostly done with the 1st sleeve. I have also sewn up the cuffs.As usual, the color is inaccurate. In real life it is much richer and has shine and depth. The blue is greener and the green is somehow livelier. Spelling of livlier? It's Brown Sheep Company's Lamb's Pride worsted. If you know that yarn, then you know what I mean. It remains my favorite despite all the many wonderful yarns with which I've had the pleasure.

In other knitting news, I finished the red potholders. I used up the rest of the ball of cashmere and needed 1 row plus the cast-off row worth of a replacement. I used some blue doubled leftover Trekking from the pink/blue/more pink/lavender pastel socks. It was the perfect weight and looks fine. The question now is, should I try washing them? They were kicking around under the futon for a little bit. I won't try to touch food with them, but the idea of using them is grossing me out a little. Well, there's my answer afterall. Wash them.

Here's something interesting. On the Knitty Coffeeshop Yarn Sale Spotters' Forum somebody posted a site that had sock yarn for low prices. I checked it out. They had grab bags of Opal and lots and lots of Opal. Maybe there was something else, but I don't remember anything but Opal. The price on Opal Hundertwasser was only $11.00 per skein through May 5 or so. It was marked 14 something which was already 6-7 dollars cheaper than I'd seen it anywhere. It usually costs 20 or 21 dollars. (I'm having trouble finding the dollar sign. I always do.) They had 6 different colors. I bought 4. Anyhow, it arrived Saturday in a big box which fooled me into thinking it was shoes. But I didn't get the Hundertwasser. I got the 10 skein grab bag. So after e-mailing back and forth, I'm going to keep 2 skeins of it to pay for return shipping and they're going to mail me the Hundertwasser. It's going to be really hard to pick! The name of the shop is The Sheeps Tale. The site doesn't seem to be working right now. Something about "provisioning." But here's the link: .

The last bit of knitting news is no news in a way. I've started a bajillion other things. That is not newsworthy. But let me expand on this a bit. I'll exemplify what I mean by K.A.D.D. (Knitting Attention Deficit Disorder) Yesterday alone I started a pair of socks, a mohair lace scarf and began frogging the fuchsia shawl for which purpose I remounted my swift on a chair so that the rack part is perpendicular to the ground. The yarn coming onto the wheel doesn't have to change direction and the bonus is that it spins much easier. This is important because I still haven't devised a crank. I might be a crank, but I haven't devised a crank to turn the swift for yarn take-up.


Sue, aka seiding said...

Sounds like you and I are suffering the same non-action in the knitting department! Where's your pics, dangit?

Jenny said...

I was wondering where you were!

I started a lovely Jitterbug sock (with the yarn you gave me) on Friday and finished it last night, except for kitchenering the toe...I tried it on and I don't think it's long enough so I'm going to have to rip out the toe. Oh well. Life goes on. It's better than ripping back a sweater with yo's, right?

Batty said...

I've been going through a knitting slump myself. They happen, and to me, they mostly happen in the spring. Must be something about the weather getting warmer. But don't worry, you'll get your groove back!