Wednesday, April 02, 2008

OPK--Other People's Knitting

I guess Sophia is not a pitcher.
By Lynne for granddaughter Sophia: 2 patterns from The skirt is called Hey, Mickey! The tank top is called Monica. The yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. Lynne is a fast, even knitter. She doesn't stop everything and start casting on just because she's got nothing on the needles. She doesn't like having a yarn stash--unless it's Cotton Fleece or she's saving me from myself. I just don't understand this sort of existence, this eccentricity


Elizabeth said...

I've heard rumors there are people who don't keep any spare yarn around. They go buy what they need for a project and get rid of any extra when it's done!!! Can you believe that? Must be fiction.

Batty said...

Does not like having a yarn stash. What? How? Irgh.

I think my brain just shut down. Like a computer that's being talked to by Captain Kirk.

Error. Error.

Daniel Mount said...

Hello KAthy KAthy KAthy, How are you I am fine. Don't seem to have your e-mail address. Thanks for reading my blog. You look good in that Beret. I hope your happy and healthy. D.