Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ravelympics 0-( No medal for me

This is the WIP I decided to wrangle for my event in the Ravelympics. It is now about 14 inches (35 cm) long, but I failed to medal because I set it aside to do 3 ad hoc projects. This knitting has been interrupted to bring you the felted teddy bear in that I posted 2 times ago and now two hats. The brown one is for Bev's 50 hats project. It's actually using the yarn from earlier incarnations of this scarf. The purple hat has a recipient, but he or she must remain secret.

Brown Hat details:
Pattern: Claudia Hat by M.J. Kim
Yarn: Main yarn is Alpaca Silk by Blue Sky (50/50); held with 2 strands of lace weight alpaca.
Gauge: a bit tight, should have been 5.5--It's a trifle small for me, but it will fit somebody important.
Needles: 2.75?
Remarks: The cable pattern was hard, but I did manage it. I took it on mostly for the cable experience. To be sure, I know how to make cables, but I've never done so many, so close together, that crossed different ways. I don't recommend it at this gauge with triple stranding. The ribs show so well because the knit stitches are twisted on every row with a background of reverse stockinette. The color in the sink picture is fairly accurate. This is a very soft, but sturdy hat. The only modifications I made were on the crown shaping where I went to decreasing every other row sooner than the pattern called for and cinched the top at 12 stitches instead of 6. I made these changes because some of the pictures on Ravelry looked pointy to me.

Purple Hat details:
Pattern: Top Down Bonnet with (out) Anime Character by Adrian Bizilia from Hello Yarn
Yarn: KnitPicks Elegance (or maybe Ambrosia)
Gauge: I don't know, maybe 6 spi, maybe 5.5
Needle: U.S. 4, I-cord on US 2
Remarks: There are over 400 of these in the Ravelry projects gallery. The pattern appealed to me because it covers the whole head and has ties. I am an admirer of what I think of as little Swedish caps, made out of sewn fabric usually. I did find a couple nice patterns for something more like that, but I thought they swooped down too far on the forehead. I didn't want to take a chance that the mother would think that looked goofy.
This pattern is very, very simple. I barely needed to refer to it once I understood the construction. The modifications I did are pictured. Instead of a garter stitch border all the way around, I only did that on the front. I put in a ribbing in the back because many of the ones pictured on Ravelry fit loosely in the back. I copied this idea from another Raveler. From the same Raveler, I got the idea to use the picot bind off on the front. Incidentally, the pattern runs small. I made the child size to get a 1 year size. I admit that I didn't worry about gauge, though.
The yarn is soft and should be very warm for it's weight. Just plain adorable. I've already started another one, this time in sock yarn.


Elizabeth said...

More great stuff! Who cares about the medal? Look what you made instead.

Criosa said...

there's a reason the project that helped me cross the finish line got finished - it needed a face embroidered on. and I waited til the last possible moment to do it. (I did work on 2 other WIPs and cast on a BSJ the rest of the 'lympics)

Criosa said...

meant to say, the hats are quite nice - at least you finished something, even if it wasn't a WIP

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

So in essence, you're saying the degree of difficulty was low. It's hard to jump into embroidering a face. So easy to screw up.

Batty said...

Yeah, forget the medal. Those are some seriously awesome knits.