Friday, March 27, 2009

Bloggy Good News

I bought a New Camera!!! And it works! Woo Hoo! Accurate colors! What a treat. It was cheaper than my last crummy one even.

And here are the Packer socks all done. I've actually worn them once already.
The yarn is ArtYarns Ultramerino. Here's a big novelty: I paid full price for it at the 2nd most expensive local yarn store because the Packer colors are such a hot seller. The pattern is called Bloody Mary. I didn't name it. Here it is on Ravelry. I love how the colors land on the original. The colors on mine didn't change as often, but I do like them.
And pictured below I present a flop. I was really enjoying the yarn and the pattern. It only took 2 evenings to get this far. I really should have tried it on sooner. I can't get it over my heel. Now the question is what to do next. Add some stitches to the pattern; get bigger needles? I haven't had this happen before. I must be knitting the yarn too tightly. It's 40% cotton, 40% wool, 13% fake, 7% elastic. The seven percent solution works for me about as well as it did for Sherlock.


Elizabeth said...

Awesome socks.

As for the tight ones, well, hmm. Go up a needle size if you think you'll still be happy with the resulting fabric. If you like the fabric as is, add some stitches. Maybe whoever wrote the pattern has tiny narrow feet?

Sue, aka seiding said...

I wish you'd stop finishing things. You're making me look really bad. I have bought Artyarns twice now and secret swapped it away. The pooling is great on those.