Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First a Kitty

Musette. That's not her tail, it's a mushed up kitty pi. That makes a total of 3 knitted items in which she is nesting. The red thing, knitted by the illustrious Laura, is a sweater which I've altered but still need to reknit the button band. Hi Laura. The rainbow thing is the circular blanket. This had to happen. All the little packages finally got the upper hand. It was like the scene in the first Harry Potter where all the letters are shooting in through the fireplace and the mail chute and flapping around trying to get attention. I need to tie a needle gauge to it.Oy. I'm working on this now. It's going to be a stole. The pattern is Swing Stitch from Barbara Walker #2, p. 264. I spent a good 2.5 hours knitting tonight only to end up having knit one more row than when I had picked it up. Counting Fail. Lifeline Win! The lurid green highlights are due to having messed with the color values to get the knitting to be this shade of purple. I think it's pretty accurate. It's interesting that the color of the unaltered picture was pretty close to the pictures in the online stores. Maybe I'll get another skein after all.These are finished. I finally located the original pattern! I had to have help from the Patterns forum on Ravelry. They are called Rise and Shine socks. The author is Tikru who blogs at Made By Myself. Forgive me for posting so many pictures of them. I love them so. I'm working on another pair. If I don't watch myself carefully I'll frog the plain one and reknit it as a Rise and Shine sock. Maybe I'll make the zigzags further apart.

I'm invited to a wedding, but I need your help. Chicken, fish, or vegetarian?


Caffeine Girl said...

Love the socks! Don't frog -- the way they match now is perfect.

Alt Knit Camp: Yes, I do know about this! But my mom is having a knee replacement on Aug. 4, so I had to change my vacation and will be gone the weekend before her surgery. It sounds like great fun--maybe next year!

I say go vegetarian!

Elizabeth said...

Love love love those socks!!!

I hope you showed Bezzie your needle organizer. Somehow, I think she would approve.

Bezzie said...

Wuhahahahahaha! Love the organizer!!!!!

And those socks are awesome too...I'm going to have to check out that pattern.

fleegle said...

Your Rise and Shine socks are gorgeous! What yarn is it?

As for getting accurate color, do use a white card and use it to adjust your colors. You can crop it out of the picture later.

Yes, there are some yarns that are all bad. Or at least so bad that the only thing you can do with them is twine them around your ears. But then, they are probably itchy, too :)