Sunday, March 21, 2010

What has become of them.

The whitish crepe-like affair illustrated below is what became of the little pyramid from an earlier post. After much and much and then some more rippage, followed by multiple froggings, I have what I would like to think is a square for an afghan. It's very overworked and overwrought and, I am admitting, somewhat circular. It's journey to completion is not over. The next step will be wet blocking. Then we'll see.
This next project has grown on me. I started it quite a while ago. It's somewheres in the blog archives. I set it aside (euphemistically speaking) because I thought it was uggggggggg-ly! I unearthed it and dusted it off a few weeks ago. I added about 4 more inches all the way around. The last rounds I bought more yarn for, just to get closing colors. I'm happy with the size and the ending. I have plenty more Peaches N Sugar N Cream in the stash, but trying to get colors next to each other that are pleasing takes a toll on us sensitive types. It is perfectly baby blanket sized and has the right feeling of weightiness. I have 2 possible candidates for giftees, but a whole lot of ends still to weave. They are on the other side. Here is my main project right now. I want to finish by March 29th, hence the near monogamy. Guess what it is. Nope, not a set of willy warmers nor banana keepers. They are in fact socks. When people see me knitting and ask what I am knitting/crocheting, I enjoy telling them that it's the other sock, which it is. The pattern is Spring Forward from Knitty. I've been wanting to make this pattern since I saw a pair knit up in person by the great mystery, the most reluctant blogger of all, Seiding. This pair is really a pair, not 2 different designs in the same yarn. That decision is because these socks are not for me. They are for my best work friend, for whom I have never knit. The yarn came first, then the pattern. I chose this yarn because I think it will go with her eyes. It is KnitPicks Imagination, which has 5o% merino wool, 25% alpaca, 25% nylon. It's nice and soft and just a leetle fuzzy. I'm hoping it wears well. The color is Looking Glass, but doesn't match the picture on the site very well. I don't think it will go as well with my friend's eyes, but it's still rilly, rilly pretty. I'm not mad. I have more and would like to make a scarf and hat and maybe fingerless gloves.


Caffeine Girl said...

I've wanted to make that pattern for ages. Your yarn color is perfect for it, very springlike!

Love the baby blanket. So unique!

MollyBeees said...

Jeez! Luketchugo! Fancy knittin' there Tex!