Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gloves! Soft, fuzzy gloves!

It's not that easy to take a picture of your own hand. I did not figure out how to take a pic of both of them. Just not that ambitious. Not even ambitious enough to have subjects in all of my sentences. Or is "sentences" more proper?

These really could be called camp gloves because the pattern is by Sue and the yarn is from the 2011 knitting camp yarn swap courtesy of JPKnits (blog link on sidebar). Furthermore, the pattern is from KnitCircus, the print version, on which 2 of our campers worked. The gloves fit beautifully and I'm ready for winter.
Pattern: Offhand Gloves by Susan Iding Size small.
Yarn: Louisa Harding Kimono Angora, between sport and fingering, 70% angora, 30% merino, color #2, held double, 2.5 balls.

A few words about the yarn. It's soft. Its smooth. It's yummy. It's angora. Angora. Ahhh. Angora breathes pleasure right into my soul. I've got 2.5 balls left.

More hats.
The first I made awhile back. It doesn't fit right. It looks awesome, but the top is too tight. I'd like a do-over. I'm going to frog it. I want to replicate the look, but improve the fit. Maybe I'll use a pattern.
On the second I did use a pattern. Short Rows Sideways Hat by Kristi Porter. I whipped this baby out super fast. It was one of the quickest knits I've ever done. If using this yarn the next time I'd might subtract a few stitches to make it more beanie length or add some to make it more of a folding over length. But the way it is will be fine. It will fit a big papa bear just right if he or she has a bigger head than mine or it will fit a baby bear with the brim folded up.

A few words about this yarn. It is the same that I used in an earlier hat, but I identified it incorrectly. This is actually Zwerger Garn Opal Luftpolsterwolle.


jpknits said...

Gorgeous gloves!!l Love the creative play in a monster with two expressions!

Molly Bee said...

Oooo pretty gloves. You can tell how sofe they are in the photo! Please bring to next Knit Night!

Batty said...

Love the warm, fuzzy gloves! It'll be cold before too long, and then, warm gloves are a must.
The hat is really interesting -- I like sideways construction, but am afraid to try it for fear that it won't fit.

About the too-mild cocoa, adding a teaspoon or two of instant coffee granules can bring out the flavor a bit more in baked goods. I'll try that before I ditch a whole $6 thing of cocoa. Maybe it can liven up yours too?

Elizabeth said...

Sue was knitting the originals at camp, too. They look wonderful.

Great hats, too.

yarnbazaar said...

Oohh! I love the hat! I really like it. I wanna have one.

Adams Young said...

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