Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twirly Hat Done, also baby pic

Chambered Nautilus Tam.  Wearable in different ways.
It's reversible.  I intended the ridgier side to be the display side, but the people I showed it to liked the smoother side better.  
 She of the great profile is my best friend at work for many years, Kerri.   
This is Jillian.  She is Kerri's daughter.
Lastly, little Layla--31 days old wearing her Aviatrix cap.  There is quite a bit of hat leftover in the back. 


grandmastatus said...

Yay! it turned out lovely.
and what a cute little baby- there's a new Layla in my family too. :)

fleegle said...

That's a cool hat!

The Knitpicks guide has four slots, but it's very easy to thread,