Monday, January 22, 2007

Brehley's Grandma's Wrist Warmers

Most of you know that I work at an elementary school. Among our wonderful volunteers is Brehley's Grandma. (That's what we all call her.) She comes like clockwork every Wednesday morning and works with kids in the hall right outside the library where I am. She periodically brings the whole staff candy or baked goods. Last year she brought me great big, round, fat, delicious beets from her garden. I don't have classes on Wednesday morning so we shoot the breeze and tease each other a little bit. She's got diabetes and has to watch her health and her hands are always cold because of circulation problems. I sometimes hang onto them a little bit to try and warm them up. So when I traded for some 50/50 silk/cashmere I knew just what to do.
It's not the warmest or the softest yarn, but it's very smooth and non-irritating. Brehley's grandma did let me take pictures of her wearing the wrist warmers, but those photos did not turn out. Here's one done. The other one was completed and does match it. In fact it is the matchiest match I've made of any object ever even though I didn't count rows. I am pleased to report that she wore them all morning. But by lunch was ready to go home and wash them because a kid she was working with kept sneezing all over the place. The yarn label said dry clean, but I told her she could handwash them. Well, if that doesn't work out, I've got more luxury yarn in my stash.
What it is . . . Brehley's Grandma's Wristwarmers
Pattern: None
Yarn: Trilly (50/50 Cashmere/Silk)
Needles: Size 4 Clover Bamboo dpn's
Cast on: 36 stitches
Thumb: Gusset (inc. to 15)


merlinthecat said...

Wow those look nice! I'm glad you could use the yarn!

Sue, aka seiding said...

Pink! Cashmere! Silk!


I really like the cuff pattern, stepped pyramids, are they?