Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Angora & Wool Socks

As you can see, I've finally finished these. I did it on Monday, our first of 2 "cold" days in a row. They are holding up much better than the red angora Sockettes I made. I think it's because of the strand of sock weight wool I knit with the sport weight angora. I've worn the green ones to bed twice now, but I turned them inside out in case they were about to fuzz up like tribbles on acid. Forturnately, they only fuzzed up a little. I think it will be safe to turn them around. I did find out that I like look of the reverse of the cable pattern.

Speaking of the cable pattern, I came up with a fine innovation (cop out). (BTW--how do you cross out a word on the blog in order to put in the euphemism & still show the original, crossed-out word?) I had so much trouble keeping track of when it was time to cross cables, that ultimately I gave up and started putting them in when I felt like it. These were not made 2-at-once and so the crossings don't match from sock to sock. But because of my counting insufficiencies, they didn't match anyway. About half-way through the second sock is when I started this. It's not obvious at all. Of course, nothing is obvious in the first picture. I think it shows the thickness of the socks, though. And it's the only picture that shows both. This is Lynne's piano. I don't have a piano, but if I did, I couldn't play it.

The color is more accurate in the second picture. You can nearly see the cables. You can also see how thick these are. They fit very well, though and can be worn in shoes. I still don't want to subject them to hard wear yet. Right now they're for keeping my tootsies warm at night while the winter winds try to annihilate humankind.

I included picture number three because it shows the fuzziness the best. My feet really care. They are quite happy. I think I should call them Happy Fuzzy Socks. They are a big success. Maybe I should call them Big Success Socks. Angora Luxury Socks? Happy Fuzzy Big Success Angora Luxury Socks?

Details: Happy Fuzzy Big Success Angora Luxury Socks

Pattern: Ad Hoc: 4 st cable w/ 2 st reverse stockinette, toe-up

Heel: Afterthought on 1/2 the stitches

Yarn: 1 strand Vintage Red Heart Baby in light blue, 100% wool and 1 strand Laines Fonty Tricotez l'Amour, 80% Angora 20% Merino

Needles: US size 3 metal dpns partly and partly 2 circs (Yes, I have knitting A.D.D. or K.A.D.D.)


Faerynuff said...


They look so snuggly :)

Erin said...

Very, very nice socks. I love love love the color too.

I don't know how to do the line through the text on blogger. I started on blogger and then switched to wordpress and they have a button for it. So that's the only way I know. Good luck though, maybe someone with loads of blogger experience has an answer!

Guro said...

Yay for fuzzy socks! They are lovely, and the cables look great.

Knittypants said...

Nice! They look wonderfully warm and cozy.

LadyLungDoc said...

open pointy bracket strike close pointy bracket text you want crossed out open pointy bracket /strike close pointy bracket

I think you can also use just s instead of strike

Sue, aka seiding said...

Not to alarm you or anything, but my blog has a more recent post than yours. You might want to rectify that.

Oh, and I assume my socks are in the mail?

Lynne said...


Just want you to know I've been here.

Adams Young said...

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