Tuesday, February 06, 2007

O.F.O Post

Oldest first: Pear. I made this for a workfriend last spring (2006). She was in a bad car accident and her sternum was fractured and her heart was bruised. I thought she needed something to squeeze. Incidentally, it's more than 6 months later and she's still healing. I'm just happy she's still with us. We are almost exactly the same age. We're able to appreciate each other's bad days. I've been going into her 2nd grade classroom and we've been teaching writing together. I'm having a good time and I hope she is, too, even though it's such a difficult thing to teach. She is the favorite teacher of almost every child and parent we have. When the kids are ready to graduate almost all of them say 2nd grade was their favorite grade or MM was their favorite teacher.

Soapy the Sea Turtle. This is actually made from a soap holder pattern called Soapy the Soap Turtle. Find it here: 3 If By Land, 6 If By Sea! The name refers to the differing decreases needed to make a land turtle or a sea turtle. A sea turtle is flatter. This is an excellent pattern. MM saw a mouse I made for another teacher's baby shower and asked me if I would make her son a turtle because he loves them so. (This was before the car accident.) Generally I say no to such requests, but there were special circumstances here. I had known MM for 9 years and never once had she asked me for anything. The second circumstance was that I had just seen TurtleGirl76's Knitty Coffeeshop Gallery post of her Soapy and had linked to and read the pattern and was intrigued. At my request, MM recently brought Soapy and the pear to school for me to photograph.

Da Pears

Details: Pear
Pattern: None
Yarn: Frogged from Land's End cotton vest. Abit greener than shown.
Needles: dpns, 2US
Soapy makes a break for it. Just-gotta-keep-climbing-two-more-steps . . .

Off to see the world. Back to the sea!

Details: Soapy the Sea Turtle
3 if by Land, 6 if by Sea

Yarn: Frogged from Land's End cotton vest. A bit greener than shown.
Needles: dpns, 2US


otismurph said...

Those are both adorable! Isn't it a thrill using frogged yarn for a project? I feel extra pleased when I finish. And what a nice thing to do for your friend!

LadyLungDoc said...

I love the pear; how big is it?

otismurph said...

Kathy- I got your comment on my blog- thanks for the positive thoughts! Feel free to add me to your sidebar.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

LadyLD, The turtle is about 3.5 inches from nose to tip of tail. The pear is 3-4 inches tall and about 2.5 inches in diameter at the widest part. I tried to make it pear-sized. It's knit bottom-up. It started out as a plain old tube for squeezing but I got bored and started adding shaping.
OtisMurph, I don't know where my brain was when I eviscerated that vest. The plan was to take off the too long, too tight waistband and reknit the new bottom edge. I did that and kept the frogged yarn from the waistband. Then the vest didn't fit anyway. I probably gave it to the Goodwill. I don't know where it is, but I sure loved that yarn. If I find it again, I'm definitely using it. Thank you for both your comments. They make life worth blogging.