Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Not My Stash

This is not my stash. This is the basket where I throw things that I've been playing around with or leftover bits from actual finished objects. It's overflowing in this picture, which was taken awhile back. It's got more in it now, some the same, some different. I post this only to impress you with the folly of flashing my stash.

But while we're here, let us examine what we see.

The large bluesy cake in the center of the picture is actually my most expensive yarn. It's supposedly about 4 or 5 hundred yards, but I don't know about that. It's Marjaana yarn by Schaefer. The colorway is Eleanor Roosevelt. I bought it to make my cousin Laura a Clapotis because she likes teal. Yes. Shall we move on? Some of the red stuff at the bottom is Lion Brand Wool-Ease. It's brother is the gray Wool-Ease is at the top. The gray was bought in a large quantity to knit N's Manly Sweater (still a wip/ufo), but I didn't like it and returned all but this skein which I had swatched. The red was bought to sew/crochet acrylic patches from my knitting club together into a baby quilt for charity. It will be used for that eventually.

On the right of the red Wool-Ease is red angora in a plastic bag. That's the leftover angora from the bed socks I made in fall 'O6. It is now knit up into the kitty pi (still to be felted) featured here.

To the right of the red angora we have KnitPicks something or other in dark brown. It looks black on my screen. It was one of KnitPicks limited, trial offerings. It's 50/50 wool and cotton. I thought it might be good for socks at the time that I threw it onto an order. I don't think it will be. It feels more cottony than wooly and too inelastic. It's partner skein is located higher in the picture.

The shiny silver and black stuff is crochet thread. I was knitting a Barbie Torch Singer/Beauty Contestant dress out of it, but it just kept intruding everywhere when I wasn't working on it, so I frogged it. I believe I saved the bottom ruffle because it came out very cool. It could be somewhere.

Between the 2 KnitPicks skeins are 2 other yarns that I got online. The purplish brownish is recycled silk. It's the same stuff as in my avatar. I washed it for about a million hours and hung it in the back yard for a week and it still smells like a damp basement, but not enough to contaminate the basket, though I wouldn't close it up in a bag with anything else. I have 2 of those big cakes. Here's a bag I made with some of it. It is what I was knitting when I met The Reluctant Blogger. To the right of silk and partly cut off is one of 2 skeins of variegated Blue Faced Leicester sport weight yarn. It's yum, yum, yummy. You guessed it: socks.

The pinkish looking ball just above and to the left of the crochet cotton is 1 ounce of vintage baby yarn. I made the entire 1 oz. skein into I-Cord on my Cool Corder machine and rolled the result into a ball. I have a couple of other skeins of that color. I may frog the I-Cord to have enough for a pair of socks. I don't know that it will be knitable, though. I knew I shouldn't use that pretty color--which is actually more of a pinky orange than an orangey pink, but I was all hot to try out the Cool Corder.

The purple stuff in the upper right-hand corner isn't yarn. It's a purple plastic gift bag that I use for stray needles until I can reunite them with their packages.

Last, but least, in the upper left-hand corner is some variegated Red Heart acrylic. That's knitting club yarn that never quite made it to school. Some of it has appeared in afghan patches and as the kind of cast-on that you take out later. I can't think of the word, but it means temporary. Provisional.

Look how many words I used up describing just this little bit of yarn in the basket. The actual stash yarns all have stories behind them, too, at least the ones I still remember.


Sue, aka seiding said...

Didja ever hear the expression, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? This could work in your favor. Just flash the stash! It's good for you.

pixie knits! said...

-HUGS!- Kathy! I just wanted to say that your post about loving my messy stash gave me the biggest smile I've had all day. Just looking at the bits and pieces of yours makes me think we may be kindred knittingspirits!