Monday, June 11, 2007

West Bend

Well I have this doctor who used to practice in Milwaukee. I saw her at 3 different locations in Milwaukee. Then she moved to West Bend, about 35 miles away. I missed a January appointment because of weather--okay, I lied. It was because of forgetting. The next appointment I could get was June 6th at 4:00. I figured an hour would be more than enough time. I didn't figure on 45 minutes to go about 5 miles because of corn syrup on the road. The age of cell phones could save this situation, right? Wrong. They cancelled my appointment even though I called them. I already got a bill for a missed appointment. Such is the business of medicine. At least they didn't charge the over 100 bucks they try to get from the insurance co. for 15 minutes. Quality time, quality time.

I was actually very excited about this appointment because I arranged with Sue aka Seiding, the Reluctant Blogger to meet for dinner and dancing--er, knitting. In preparation I vowed to complete the Packer Project from our 2 person Packer knit-along. Sue had long ago given me a beautiful, long thin scarf. She had taken Packer fug yarn and turned it into beauty. I had tried my hand at a number of items from yarn I had dyed. I also dyed the green. It turned out perfectly. (It shocked me, too.) My mission was to make beautiful yarn into fug. I knew I could do it. Indeed, it looked more than a little clownish before it was complete. (I see here I've forgotten to download the best picture of all from the camera. I'll add it sometime later.) First, here's a little detail. Heaven only knows why Blogger won't wrap words around the picture. Next, the finished object, then the F.O. modeled by a handsome male model.
Yes, you can call it a neck warmer but it's a dickey, dicky, dickie, and I think it's kind of nice. It's one size fits all and it's outerwear. I should have known it would be alright because it's a take-off on Elizabeth Zimmermann whose designs never look like what they are until the last tail is woven in. It's very springy and so far, not scratchy .

Details: KnitPicks fingering 100% Peruvian wool doubled. Loved knitting that yarn. It had a little sass, a certain joie de vivre, a certain j'ne sais quois. Okay, I'm out of French words. Wait . . . Nope, false alarm.

I also made a travel sock knitting bag out of a bit of those upholstery samples I got about 40 year ago, now. Another success. That X is a DESIGN FEATURE!!! It's holding the lining down. It's not at all that I was just too dang tired to change thread colors.
Sue reports that it is functional. It's a good feeling to finally use some of that fabric up and to make something good out of it. The only things in the bag that are not recycled in some way are the thread, the bias tape drawstring and the interfacing. Even the toggly thing is cut off from a winter jacket. Now it won't get in the way next winter when I try to fasten my seatbelt. I will be making more of these bags. 50 points to Gryffindor if you can tell me what that thing is called.

And here is a view of Thomaso's West Bend Pizza. The cheese is under the sauce, you see. A fine arrangement it is until you drop it on the kitchen floor later that evening. Also, there was cake. Caaaaaaaaaake!!! Chocolate cake and a dab of liberal politics. Sue, thanks for saving my week.


Sue, aka seiding said...

No, thank you, for PRESENTS!!!!!

If only it were Packer season already!

Batty said...

I like the Packer neck thing. It's strangely... medieval looking, in a bright, sports fan kind of way.
OK, that didn't make any sense, but I like it anyway.

Now I want pizza. And chocolate.