Sunday, June 17, 2007

WIP Sidewinders Perpensockular Socks +

I've been working on The Sidewinders Socks by nonaKnits. I think I got gauge with 6-ply Regia. I know it was the 6-ply Regia, but I only think I've got gauge. I've learned enough never to trust the gauge monster. The first picture is of the increasing for one side of the heel. I like how the stripes look like they have to completely stop with screeching brakes to make it around that corner on one wheel. The second picture is of the toe gusset. It bumps out from the rectangle that will become the foot. This is only half of it, or one side of the toe.
Picture number 3 is the cuff which shows the double garter ribbing. The fourth picture is of my entire progress. The toe gusset is at the right, cuff is on the left, while the heel is at the top of the picture. I had to stake it out with it's own needles in order to get it even this flat.

In other knitting, I am swatching for Tangerine Twist from Knitty, Summer, 2007. This swatch is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Dark Olive. I like it very much, but it will be too warm. I am looking for a cotton linen blend that calls for 5.5 st to 4 inches. The original yarn is Classic Elite Provence which is 100% cotton. The problem with swatching is that the shaping is done by changing needle sizes, so how loose should the knitting be at the largest needle size? It is the size called for in the swatch? It already seems too loose even though Cotton Fleece has a slightly thicker gauge than Provence.

To end the day in pictures, please enjoy one of my (now former) students modelling the Packer Fug-Along Dickie. He seriously thought it was a hat. Well, why not? Some people look good no matter what they wear!


Batty said...

You know, it would make a cute hat! The hole in the middle doesn't provide much protection from the sun, but who cares about sunstroke when it's so stylish???

I'm also starting on the Tangerine Twist. Well, I'm still winding the yarn for it, but I'll be swatching later today or tomorrow. Can you get your hands on the Tahki mercerized cotton stuff? I really liked it (it maybe a tad lighter than Provence). You're probably right about the Cotton Fleece being slightly too heavy.

Sue, aka seiding said...

I really love the sock progress, but I'm still fuzzy on the construction.

I reconsidered. I think you should try the Elan yarn with the linen. Callisto? The looseness could add to the summery bit of the sweater, like lace almost.

And I think I will wear the Packer Dickey as modelled here. It will flatter me the most I think.

Cindiluhu said...

I've seen alot of those perpendicular socks lately. I have a blind friend that is doing hers that way and they turned out lovely.

Andey Layne said...

The socks look neat.
Oh, and I stole your stolen post. That was fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I just saw your offer of yellow sock yarn over on the sockapalooza4 blog and wanted to thank you for responding to my request. Another knitter already sent me some and now I need to get started!