Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sock Yarn

There has been a failure of the software that I have been using to edit my digital photos. So I thought I'd try Picasa, a Google program. I've made an album of my sock yarn stash. To be sure, there is more, but I photographed everything that isn't involved in any WIP socks right now and that isn't hiding. I think I got most of it. I didn't count non-sock yarn that I bought with the intention of making socks or sock yarn that I bought to make something other than socks. Minus all that, I came up with 27 pairs of potential socks. The impetus was to get it on Ravelry. I can't do that yet because I'd still have to upload it to Flicker first. You have to use Flicker. Well, here's a link to my photo album on Web Album. Link

I've made an agreement to make Molly from CelticSwanForge a pair of socks. They will have a bit of color work on the tops with blacksmith symbols--Well, blacksmith tools. I told her about the dark green yarn I had leftover from Packer Fugarama and she requested a lighter green to go with it. To that end, I did a little playing with color this weekend. I may not be done tweaking the color. The actual color turned out brighter and less minty than it appears here, but the picture is really not that far off. Maybe I will learn to like Picasa, though I am dissatisfied with the sizing options.
In other sock news, I've finally made it past the legs on the secret socks I'm making for my Knitty sock pal, Fschmom. They've been taking forever. It is partly because they have special features!!! which I cannot discuss right now and partly because I wasted a lot of time trying to master the short row heel. I, um, didn't master it.


Sue, aka seiding said...

I just went and counted my sock yarn. 25 pairs. I had 17 back when I decided not to buy anymore yarn. How did this happen?

Sorry about the short row business. Wanna borrow my Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy?

Batty said...

I'm not even going to try counting. But that brilliant green is incredible. I love this yarn! I need more green yarn!

I know I have more than 17 pairs' worth of yarn, though... maybe it's time for a diet.