Friday, May 23, 2008

Hat #1 for Bev of Knitter's Journey's birthday. It's the big 5-0. She wants to give 50 hats and pairs of mittens to charity. The yarns are a combination of Monarch Knit Paint Series - color Amethyst & Coral Jewels purchased from and KnitPicks Palette in a heathered greenHat #2 is a combination of the same yarns as above plus purple Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport from early stash. Hat #3 (not pictured) is actually a fuzzy pink headband with one cable that I began to demonstrate cabling to my knitting students. It is in progress. We have until December to complete the 50. At last count she had 12 and it didn't include my hat #2.


Sue, aka seiding said...

Fifty hats, that seems doable. Fifty pairs of mittens seems a little trickier. Baby or little kid mittens would go faster, I guess. I love both of the ones you show--great color texture!

Elizabeth said...

Cute hats!!

Hey, I put the camping info up on Knittboard in WW Events, so wander on over.