Saturday, December 13, 2008

I did it write!

Here are pictures of the completed Devan. It looks even cuter in real life. It turned out. I think it should work well for the cooler part of the year in Bakersfield. I blocked it and the fabric is fairly smooth and light. I see that after I let it rest for several days that it needs to be reblocked because the seams are not laying flat.

Pattern: Devan by Holli Yeoh
Yarns: Main=Hundertwasser by Opal, color: 897 Silver Spiral, though I fail to see silver; Trim=Essential by KnitPicks, color: grass
Needles: Main: 3.0 mm, Trim: 2.5 mm
Modifications: I made the body and the sleeves an inch longer. Then I added the trim at the hem after seaming all in one go rather than at the start of each piece.
Notes: I knit the sleeves in the round. I only decreased one stitch so that I could use the other extra one as a centering point for the tapering increases. The seaming was hard, especially on the shoulders where there was decreasing because the edges were not firm. I suppose this is true for most seaming?? It worked fine when I went another stitch further inland. Maybe I should consider going in 2 stitches when the stitch count change is at the ends of rows.
And here is my newest WIP courtesy of the most gigantic, perfectly formed skein of yarn I've ever found. A 14 ounce/400 gram skein of cotton. It was 6 bucks and there were others as well, but only one in this color, which is the one I wanted right then. The color is called cornhusk. It turns out that I like it better than Sugar and Peaches. I was expending a gift card and 50% off coupon at JoAnn's. The 50% came off some very shiny, very red pleather I bought for table cloths. It was even called pleather. Did I mention that I had a birthday yesterday? I turned EGADS! Gulp, gulp, gulp, 50. (Gulp.) I'm not trying to complain, it's just that I'm so da*n surprised.
Here is another WIP that arose courtesy of yarn that I could not resist. It is a wool/mohair sock yarn will that is becomimg wristwarmers. I got the yarn here . It was a good Thanksgiving sale. Naturally, there was only one (50 gram) skein of that, --not enough for a pair of socks. Pink and grey together without purple or blue is a favorite color scheme of mine, despite the fact that I've been eschewing pink for 25 years. Maybe now that I'm 50, and I don't mind when people call me a girl, I can be more accepting of the pink. This is called Leili sock. It's by the Unique Sheep--er, THE Unique Sheep, since in the table of contents, you will find The Unique Sheep under T.
Finally, under Lost Knitwear News, I've lost one of my Paris night wristwarmers. The write one. I wear them over my ladies' leather gloves. That side's ladies' leather glove is also lost. I'm going to call JoAnn's, but I don't have much hope. The best that can be said is that it's an excuse to make an order from You wanna go in on that with me, Sue?


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!!!

It's a very cute sweater.

My verification word is masher!

Batty said...

Happy late Birthday!

Great sweater, lots of knitting, feeling downright unproductive by comparison. Fabulous work!

Sue, aka seiding said...

I daresay I could be cajoled into spending some money on yarn. I did get my Christmas bonus at work yesterday...

The sweater turned out great!

I have to check out Jo-Ann's again for yarn. I haven't been there in a year or so.

I have a confession. I lost The Mittens. Both of them. I don't know how I did it, I'm just sick about it. I think some bitch at the Chinese buffet is walking around with some warm and beautifully-colored hands. :(