Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm doing it rong

When I seamed the front to the back at the shoulder the correct way the second time, I considered that that could be a hint. I considered, and then I went back to un-three-needle-binding again in order to seam the front on the "wrong" way with the reverse stockinette side to the outside. Not a believer in divine intervention and/or my unconscious am I apparently. I chose this route because I thought the color changes on the reverse looked more mellow, more subtle. The difference isn't great, but it wouldn't make any more work, nor would it take any fudging. The picture is just to show you the difference. The shoulders are not yet seamed there.

I stubbornly went ahead and joined both shoulders with the reverse stockinette showing. I carefully basted and then sewed the side seams. I picked up and worked the bottom border. I picked up and worked the neckband and button band. I basted the sleeves to the sleeve holes. It became hard to figure out if the sweater was inside out or rightside out. Then I went to bed. I got up and went to work. I had a busy day at work. I stopped at Target on the way home. I spent a ton of money. I ran into one of the kids from school there. I had a 2-3 minute conersation with her and she introduced me to her brother and sister. Her step mother was 3 feet away waiting in a line of which she was the only member, but she never turned and acknowledged me. I got the feeling she (the girl) didn't rate. The other kids weren't faring too much better maybe. They looked a little disheveled. Creepy, huh? Poor kid, stuck with a frickin' nutjob/very angry person--I couldn't tell which. I suppose it's very angry person. Sigh. I know this student can really (really, really) get on a person's nerves, but this woman's behavior was embarassing.
At some point in the car going to Target or coming home from Target I realized my mistake on the sweater. I resolved that despite the amount of time and effort involved ( Oh S! I forgot to turn in my time and effort report for November again.) I would pick it all apart and reseam the way the pattern is written. It would involve reknitting the bottom border. Still, it can't be good feng shui to leave a sweater all jumbled up like that, can it? On the other hand, I only just now remembered about the neck and button bands. Those were nerve-wracking. Now I'm undecided again.
By the way, I did frog and reknit the back. Here it is in stripes. In other knitting news, there isn't any. There isn't any unless you count the 2 hours I just spent at DBNY looking at all the luscious yarns and going back and forth to Ravelry to see how people are using them and how the colorways look. What a magnificent waste of time.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, the sweater's going to be terrific! Really,

Daniel Mount said...

See comment on Nov 4 blog...oops.

Batty said...

Looks good to me!