Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing to show for it

Thank you all for the many comments on the Baktus scarf. It warms the cockles o' me little heart, it does. Maybe that's why I have a heart murmur, from the cockles. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures on this entry. I wanted to get some sort of rhythm going here, so I thought I should post even though I don't have pics. I guess I'm using the rhythm method.

Well, I've been knitting a lot and a lot more, but frogging it. I am trying to knit a secret sock design of mine that has colorwork. I've tried Fair Isle and mosaic and something I unvented. Each was a little better than the last, but not good enough. Last night and tonight I worked on mastering duplicate stitch. I'm not thrilled with that either, but I think it's the best of the lot, only if I choose duplicate stitch I can't go with my original design. Yeah, I use the phrase, "original design," as if it were important. It's really just an idea. It's an idea I like a lot and I've become quite frustrated about it.

Colorwork-- Bah!

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Elizabeth said...

I really think the Fair Isle plan can come together for you. But maybe you need to do a different FI project first.

My word is mizessly. That should mean something.