Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ecco Alpha appeal

Sounds like part of the Greek alphabet, but it's actually the name of the brand and model line of the brown shoes in the previous post. If anybody knows where I can get any more of those in size 38, please, by all means, speak up. The last several pairs were from EBay, but the line has been out of production so long, that even those are nigh impossible to find. I've tried having them resoled, but they aren't the same at all. I have a black pair too, but the bottom layer of the sole has begun peeling. That's how they go. The brown ones are starting to feel a little mushy. This may be the end of the love affair between my impossible to please feet and the Ecco Alpha shoe. All of the Alphas had a fine green line along the edge of the sole, that I could have done without, but I wasn't in love with the cosmetics. It is the soul of the sole and the fit. I can wear them many days in a row. There were also more sandally sandals, oxfords, chukka boots and I think clogs as well. The one pictured is the fisherperson sandal, though the upper is a redesign of a previous Alpha fisherperson. Ecco called it a fisherman sandal, but of course, they were wrong. I've had them all except for the boot and the clog.


Elizabeth said...

I'll search the web in case I find something you missed. It's a sad thing when you find a product you really love and they stop making it.

Lorraine said...

I too had ecco alpha's. I wore them for years and as you know Ecco discontinued the line. I happen to meet a local retailer who suggested getting in touch with Ecco executive office in Europe and seeing about purchasing the design for the shoe and having it custom made. Expensive but worth it. MIne lasted for years.

Lorraine If/when I find the time to pursue I'll let write another comment.

Jill said...

I just purchased a pair of these totally awesome shoes at a second hand store yesterday. I was in love as soon as I slipped my foot in! I'm a hairdresser, so I'm on my feet a lot. I need great shoes or I'm crabby. I have owned many upscale comort shoes but nothing like the Ecco Alphas. Before 9am this morning, the soles came right off my shoes! They must have been in someones closet for years, or even decades before taking them in to be resold. They didn't look worn, I figure they were dry-rotted. I'm hopping on the computer to look for some more of these beauties only to read your blogs and learn they have not been in production for so long that I'm only out of luck.
I just wanted to share with you that i, too fell in love with these shoes. Might have only been a 12 hour love affair, but I'll remember how they felt forever.

Barbara said...

As my last and final pair of Ecco Alphas falls apart, I thought I would look once more on the web and see if there were any out there. Imagine my excitement when I found a hit (this blog), only to discover that it is a dead end, so to speak.

My clogs officially fell apart a few hours ago and my boots kicked the bucket a few days ago. The rubber just disintegrated (and the clogs had been resoled, at great expense). Both pairs were very old, at least 15 years.

I have owned at least 10 pair of these wonderful shoes and have never found anything to replace them. What will I do now? Big, huge, enormous sigh.

Robin said...

I, too, love the alphas. This blog came up when I was, once again, doing a web search to see if there were any way to find them again. The story as I know it, is that the ecco alphas were created by a father for his son. He started the shoe company to make shoes to fit his son. Unfortunately, he must have sold the company or something as they no longer make the shoes that were its reason for existence! Maybe be could band together to buy the pattern to start our own "micro" company just to make the only shoes I've ever found that fit so well! I'm in--anyone else?

arinna said...

hi, this is arinna, and I loved the ecco alphas too. I owned three pairs, but now couldn't find any more.
I just searched the web and found some in 38 at eBay and than this blog. maybe they fit? I need 36...
here's the link!

hope, you'll get them!!!

John said...

Here's a pair of Ecco Alphas... lighly used... on eBay. I wish they were size 41 so I could buy them. Best shoes I ever had!

Lorraine said...

Thanks to all who wrote me. Arinna, I checked out the ecco alpha website from Germany/Austria too late and size 38's no longer in stock. The style pictured was very different than mine, but it looked like a purchase I would have seriously considered.

For those of us with Ecco's that are in need of repair, there was a place in California that was able work with the bottoms of the shoe. (Before that they were considered non replaceable.) I've no other information other than the store where I purchased them, many years ago, had located this particular shoe repair shop. If you want to give them a call they are called "Pegasus" and located in Woodstock, NY.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

woods97210 said...

Ecco Alfas were my favorite light boot, too. In all, I had three pairs. I find Børn Axe II boots to be a good replacement. They are in Børn's fall 2011 catalogue. Sizing seems to be normal. See


Unknown said...
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David Marek said...

oh. since years i've been dreaming of the retourn of ecco alphas. never ever did i find a shoe like this again. its been beautiful to find this blog, to see i'm not the only one on this planet suffering from the same loss and broken heart ;-) its not been a shoe. its been a love affair <3