Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Upgraded soaker post

No, the soaker is not upgraded; this is a repost. Riposte?
Here we have a picture of Madison's Little Prince. This little prince is the grandson of my friend, Kathy, the elder. (She told me to call her that. I think it's an honorific.) My friend Lynne and I knitted him a few soakers while he was in the works. Well, I only made one, but I did make the one in the picture. His grandma e-mailed it to me so I could see some knitting in action. I think Kathy knit him the sweater he is wearing. I think that because I saw her knitting one just like that. As you can tell, Little Prince lives in a party house. He and his brother, Medium Prince, are two of the most personable fellows you'll ever meet. Little Prince actually has his own blog, which his parents keep up. It's full of wonderful pictures and videos of this guy. I'm a fan of Big
Prince, Medium Prince, Mama Prince, and of course, Little Prince.
He's the perfect knitwear model and so's his brother. I mean, c'mon, lookit this:
Hello, KnitCircus? It's not like there's any shortage of babies and pre-schoolers in Madison, but I'm partial. Naturally, I can't really volunteer them, but I can put in a request if I'm asked.


_lily_ said...

you are a beautiful and sweet woman.
i really loved this piece on the Princes, of course.
Kathy the elder

Elizabeth said...

I was sure I commented on the soaker... Oh well. cute cute cute. We are always on the lookout for babies and kids who are available for posing.