Saturday, August 22, 2009

50 Grams of Laceweight

I wound it myself.


Batty said...

Oooh, pretty color!

Elizabeth said...

I foresee a bit of splicing on the horizon!


Caffeine Girl said...

I hope you had a good movie to watch or something. It looks both tedious and maddening!

LadyLungDoc said...

Pretty colour!

regarding your hillside - periwinkle is a great perennial that can tolerate drought; you could plant 2 or 3 in each of the larger "holes", and they will fill in the gaps nicely in a year or 2. Eventually you will have masses of green leaves which will cover the smaller spaces between the rocks, with purple flowers at some point in the summer. Because the stalks lay down new roots, I would assume they help to prevent erosion.

fleegle said...

That must have driven you insane! But the color is lovely!

Folca boxes are now in the Etsy store. Have fun!

jaala said...

Wow, those look great! Way to go on the cinching up bit.