Saturday, August 08, 2009

Aced the Test

My friend Bev is a knitting designer. She asked me to test knit a simple but beautiful hat, or maybe I asked her if she'd allow me. The pattern is very well written. She made the stranded colorwork easy. It's called the All-American Baby Hat and it's availble for $4.00 in Bev's Etsy Shop or from Ravelry where she is known as knittersjourney. Not having a baby head handy, I photographed it on some laundry. Here is her blog post about the hat with nice pictures.

Isn't it cute?


Bezzie said...

very cute! love the star detail!

Elizabeth said...

It's so cute. And you CAN do stranded colorwork! See?


Knitter's Journey said...

Nicely photographed Kathy. Thanks for the PR!

fleegle said...

It's adorable!!

As for the black magic marker, Roy oversprayed it with a bit of semigloss polyurethane. No amount of rubbing with white yarn shows any bleeding. Poor spindle. Poor me.

Sue, aka seiding said...

Very cute! And you did colorwork!