Monday, January 02, 2012

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     I've been meaning to get around to this.  Sorry about that.  I am just going to throw a bunch of pictures up on here and talk about them.  If you are looking for the deeper meaning, I can lay that out right up front.   It's "Kathy likes potching around with yarn."  To answer the musical question:  That's how deep is my love. 
     The yellow pictures are of a prototype for a hot/cold gel pack cover.   I keep these gel pack thingies in the freezer and I use them for aches and pains instead of ice.  It's not as great a discovery as the day they allowed ibuprofen to be sold over the counter and my menstrual cramps were finally tolerable, no.  But, they do work pretty well.  There is one size that won't stay in a towel which means it won't stay on my ankle or wherever else.  I needed to sew myself a couple of covers.  Seeing as how I don't seem to sew anymore, I decided to knit!  Plus, there are some gorgeous cablely designs on Ravelry of hot water bottle covers for more inspiration.  I tried lots of different things for the shoulders and the bind off on the bottom, but it is the side edges where I experimented the most.  I wanted the sides to be firm enough to keep the gel pack from sliding around or mooshing up. Overall, the gauge was a little too tight and the cozy a tad small.  This is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece from my stash. 
     I learned a number of things, then went ahead with my holiday plan. I bought some more gel packs from the chiropractor and made cozies to cover them for my achy breaky friends and fambly. Did I use what I learned and come out with a pattern or formula of some kind? Guess. At the last minute, I ended up giving the prototype to my friend Steve's mom. She's a knitter, so I can only laugh when I think about her looking this over and wondering what the hell I was thinking. Yet, it looks ok, it's washable, and it functions well. Actually, I'm waiting to hear about how well they function, because I don't have one.
Left to right: pink--Beth-2 strands of 75/25 sock yarn, green--Kurt-Blue Sky Cotton, Last 2 for Julie and Joe-Chevrons=acrylic, Red=TLC Cotton Plus

     I have several other goodies, including opk (other people's knitting) that I will be posting in the days to come. 

Look out!


anglophile said...

I keep meaning to buy a hot water bottle so I can knit it a cover. Good idea with the gel packs.

Batty said...

The gel pad cover is inspired! You're not supposed to put them on your skin directly, I always use dish towels, but this would be so much comfier.