Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sylvia & Kathy Do Mequon

I finally got the chance to return Sylvia's yellow scarf and give her the new Branching out last night at Friday dinner. We went to the Chancery in Mequon. It's a local restaurant chain that serves bar food. This particular one is in a strip mall in one of the northshore suburbs. It seems to have a fishing decor. I know I shouldn't complain about the decor when I was literally the worst-dressed patron there. But gosh, why does old tackle go to restaurants to die? Actually, there was a birch bark basket hanging on the wall among the fishing rods and junk. Lynne asked me why I thought it was there. I said it was because it's an Artifact. However, on further reflection, why was there a Native American basket among the rusty bass and framed newspaper clippings?

Well, I return to the knitting. As soon as I gave Sylvia the scarves she gave the yellow one to me. I don't believe that she was ever really upset about how I hijacked it from her. I did a lot of worrying for nothing. She was thrilled with the Branching Out. Dutiful blogger that I am trying to be, I whipped out the camera and had it ready when she opened the package. It was a silver gift bag and I used the yellow scarf for pretend tissue paper. (A good blogger would have gotten a pic of that.)

So here's Tante Sylvia enjoying her new scarf.

Sylvia and I modeling both scarves. Please to excuse the quality of this picture. Believe it or not, it is the one of these in which I look the least like a big doofus. Sometimes I'm surprised people will be seen with me!
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One last one. You've got to admit that that girl is photogenic. What a wonderful reaction to get for ones knitting!


OLPP said...

Her earrings match! It's like she somehow *knew* she'd be receiving a beautiful blue scarf. Very lovely!

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't swap for that beautiful hand-made artifact? It's perfect on her!

Jenny said...

Love those pictures! She looks so happy!