Thursday, April 16, 2009


of revious ost. Um, the p key is sticky. Nevermind that!
The black camera bag is from my original digital camera. I don't know where that one is now, but it took great ictures. Some of the pictures in the earliest blog posts were taken with it. The big roblem it had was that it ate batteries. I was recharging them, but that didn't work very well. This may be why someone gave me the camera for free, along with the case & other accoutrements. So I had the case lying around (hoing that the beginning of this sentence has the camera case lounging and not me) and I decided to kee my new camera in it. Hence, losing the camera.

icture number two: the blue thing. I got the darker blue yarn at my lys closing sale and was insired to make a skirt. (The lighter blue is stash cotton I used just for the waist band in order to conserve yarn). I'd like something breezy that I can wear all summer long. I also got this pattern at the sale. This is called Ashley and it's actually made with two colors of sport weight linen and my yarn is worsted cotton. That can't stop me! The blue yarn is fairly slipery. I love the skirt, but I'm not sure I want to make that one. There are other nice ones on Ravelry. I may not make the skirt at all. The problem of what to wear under it remains and that could cancel out the breeze anyhow. This may merely have been simly a minor brush with startitis.

Great. Now Blogger isn't accepting ictures. I'd better ublish this before I lose it also.

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Elizabeth said...

ok, so the verification word is inglotoi, which sounds like the language with no letter p to mess with your blog posts.

Sorry to hear the camera's gone. I hope it comes back.