Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick!! Look before I frog

Top view
It's just plain too tight where leg meets foot. It fits ok, but the material gets too strained going over the heel in the putting on and removal. It wouldn't last long enough. Therefore I will frog past the heel, redo that (5th time for that pesky heel. The last time I knit the heel was the only time I forgot to put some extra stitches in.) and then the leg. I can't promise I'll keep the same stitch pattern, even though I think it looks pretty nifty, the way the ribs stand out make my leg look octagonal. I guess that doesn't show as much in the pictures, but it's quite prominent. I wouldn't put it past myself to frog all the way, because the toe doesn't fit right. I don't want to do that, but I just might. Now that I think about it, I could frog the foot rather than the leg and knit down. I wonder if that will play havoc with the pattern.
The innards are pretty groovy, too. (I'm out of superlatives. That's a clue that I might not be an optimist.)
In this picture you can see one of the 2-stitch stockinette ribs where I added a center purl to expand the leg a touch. I also went up a needle size. Overall, the fabric is pretty stiff. I did try to knit the toe more tightly on purpose. It was a mistake. I have the belief that the sock will last longer if you do. On the other hand, the fabric does not want to conform to my foot because it's too dense and rigid. I've started the second sock with a different stitch pattern and the fabric is much more malleable. (My best picture of knitting ever. Not retouched at all.)
I like this sock too much to not rip out and reknit.


Elizabeth said...

It'll be worth it to get it just right!

Sue, aka seiding said...

I think of your ratio of finished socks to socks knitted and I think, "Kathrows is a far, far better woman than me." At the first sign of trouble, I just shove the half-finished sock down to the bottom of the sock yarn bin and never look at it again.

MollyBeees said...

Aww rats! But I love the yarn and the pattern. It's totally worth redoing!