Friday, October 12, 2007

123 is Six

The assignment:

3 things I love + 3 things I hate = 6 things

1. COLOR. It's a pet peeve of mine that most of the cars around here don't have vivid colors. I usually say that they don't have a color. They almost exclusively come in various shades of silver & gold, black, and white. Red & blue are the only real colors you get to see much at all. I especially dislike the silver ones. I saw a fantastic hopped up irridescent car the other day. We were next to each other at 2 stop lights in a row. The colors were really bright and strong. It was wild. It had a fatal flaw however. The hubcaps kept spinning after the rest of the car had stopped. I can't handle something like that.

I can kind of understand the lack of color that we tend toward when painting the exteriors of houses and buildings. We want them to fit into their environments or we want to showcase the natural materials, though I'd prefer to paint them fuchsia and other good colors. But you'd think we'd want our cars to be stand-out bright colors that would aid in being able to keep them from being cracked up.

You can play with color on your blog if you know the html hex codes. Here are a couple of links that tell you. (That's not how I made the picture. That's from MS Paint.)

2. Cucumbers. I hate them. They are my most hated food. They can make me throw up. I went looking on Google Images for a picture of cucumbers. I found the ad below. I don't think I would enjoy that kind of cucumber either! But I did enjoy the ad. Link to original ad.
"Sea Cucumbers Ready to Cook
Detailed Product Description
Sea cucumber is a famous nourishment amoung the Chinese. What we servered is not
The trditional sea cucumber which is dried and the consumers have to dip them in Water for a considerable period of time. Our sea cucumbers fead for cooking are Handpicked from local sea cucumber and processed carefully to make them maintain Their protein and nutrition maximumly. Customers have no need to dip them in Water any more but just to uppack to cook. Their taste and feeling in mounth is Better than the dried one dipped in the water."
3. Yarn. I love yarn. Duh.


Elizabeth said...

Owen absolutely hates cucumbers, too. He can detect them in other stuff. There's a car I see around our neighborhood with a purple/dark blue iridescent paint job. Owen thinks it's the coolest thing on wheels. Maybe you two are long-lost twin souls?

Sue, aka seiding said...

I wish I had a cousin going into the autobody line of work. He could hook me up with a good car color, like lime green or raspberry. Champagne is not a color. What's worse than champagne, though is black. I really don't like black cars at all.

Eryn said...

We call our house the "Clown House." We painted a wild mix of sky blue, yellow, and aquamarine. It is bright, beautiful, and definitely colorful!