Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tempted by the Fruit of Another (Knitter or 2)

That to which I am up lately is FrankenKnitting. Maybe it's n0t FrankenKnitting in the strictest definition because I'm only remaking the objects, not cobbling disparate parts together.
Seiding made these gloves that didn't fit her right. She's had them for a long time. They are one of her very first knits. (?Como se dice "over-achiever"?) In a brief moment of exasperation with the October hot/cold weather and how to dress for it, she offered them to me. They didn't fit me either. Now here's my kind of challenge. I'm attempting to alter them so that they fit her better. Naturally, I've already frogged my reknit twice.
The pink stuff isn't really pink pink. It's more of a mauve pink. I would call it rose. Dang! I had to write "rose." Now I've got La Vie en Rose stuck again. You know where. It is the product of a swap with Elizabeth from our knitting camp in August. She didn't knit it. She acquired it in this condition. It's very nice vintage, very classic worsted weight wool yarn. No label. There are 4 cable strips, aproximately 6 feet long and two skeins to boot. I'm sewing them together in order to make a bag. At first I was planning to felt it. In fact I hauled it out because I wanted to do some felting this weelend and it fights against my fiber to felt just one or 2 things at a time, it being so fuelish. Because I wanted to felt it, I sewed the seams very loosely. But now I'm thinking maybe I won't felt it. The seams then are too sloppy by far.


Sue, aka seiding said...

You asked ?Como se dice "over-achiever", and I answer, se dice over-achievera. Those are the gloves that introduced me to Real Yarn and began my long passionate love affair with the Koigu. It kinda gave me the willies to see it disemboweled like that.

Eryn said...

"She has no palms." *Donkey-like bray of laughter* You're too funny.

Elizabeth said...

There's a special place in heaven for people who fix and finish other people's knitting projects!

babelfish says:
Babel Fish Translation
In italiano:
sopra-realizzi for over-achieve. They don't recognize over-achiever. One can do it, but not be it.

Batty said...

No idea como se dice over-achiever, but considering how I still haven't knit any gloves... yes, that was daring. I hope you can make them fit, the yarn is very pretty.