Monday, October 29, 2007

Ravishing Other People's Knitting, Part 2

Here it is again with a better seam, more suited for public view. I still don't know if I will felt it. If I don't, it'll be a pretty large bag. It is approx. 14 x 48 inches laid out. There is nothing that says I have to use the whole piece. I can hack it up some more and make other things.
Here is a link to a fabulous and hilarious example of true Frankenknitting: Brouhaha's Blog. There is also good writing there.
I tried to show where I crocheted a rough straight line across the edge. I had earlier sewed across the edge of each panel with a needle and handy sock yarn. Despite my best efforts at measurement (sometimes called "folding things in half") knitting is a living thing and refuses to conform. This knitting especially is a living thing. It's very lively and sproingy. This must be what is causing me to have second thoughts about felting. Even in the center pull ball I wound you can appreciate the loft of this yarn. This piece used three strips and I still have two more plus a skein & a half or so.

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Kristina B said...

Thank you very much for the kind credit. Having said that, and having read the knitty author of Frankenknitting - forgive me, her name right now escapes me - my example is probably better described as Frankenotherpeoplesknittingandchopping andlining.

Hmm - I think you're right. Frankenknitting works better. ;-)