Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm In Love With My Car part 1

Words, music & vocals by Roger Taylor,
from Queen

The machine of a dream
Such a clean machine
With the pistons a pumpin
And the hub caps all gleam

When Im holdin your wheel
All I hear is your gear
When my hands on your grease gun
Oh its like a disease son

Im in love with my car
Gotta feel for my automobile
Get a grip on my boy racer rollbar
Such a thrill when your radials squeal

Told my girl Ill have to forget her
Rather buy me a new carburetor
So she made tracks sayin
This is the end now
Cars dont talk back
Theyre just four wheeled friends now

When Im holdin your wheel
All I hear is your gear
When Im cruisin in overdrive
Dont have to listen to no run of the mill talk jive

Im in love with my car
Gotta feel for my automobile
Im in love with my car
String back gloves in my automolove

I've been taking pictures of my car off and on all week, but it wasn't until I had a meeting with a financial planner and he asked me how much my car is worth and I was obliged to say, "Nothing" that I realized I love my car.

It's--She's--14 years old. How much is that in car years? We can give it the equivalent of dog years. Let's see now, commencin to cypherin .... carry the one, ought, ought, ought, that's 98 years old. Then we can knock off 10 to 15 years for low miles. What we have here is an old car. It doesn't look it. Until you get a little closer, that is. We have loose moldings and rear door sills nearly eaten through with rust. (I have a bad habit of leaving the windows open in the rain.) It's a good thing that a lot of the body of this car is plastic. The driver's side visor is scraped up and showing it's innards due to being swung over to the side position when the automatic shoulder belts activated. The bit of elastic there lost its stretch many long years ago. There are cricks and cracks and stains all over. We got into an accident last fall and the insurance company paid 2500 dollars to repair it when the mechanic told them it wasn't totaled because I got all sentimental and choked up when I told him "It's a been a good car" as if he were the vet and my horse had a broken leg.


Sue, aka seiding said...

While I cannot bring myself to become overly attached to an inanimate object, especially one which seems to cost one money at the worst possible times, I can say, having met your car, that it is a friendly car who has obviously been decent to you and that your relationship throughout the years must have been rewarding, given your mutual respect and admiration, and inasmuch as one could wish a car well, I do wish your car well, and I now hearby apologize for telling you back when you had your accident that you should dump the mofo already, and I do now acknowledge the worth and beauty that is your car, and proclaim to all and sundry: Long Live the Saturn!

Sue, aka seiding said...

This unnatural heat has obviously melted the period-sensing portion of my brain, rendering me powerless against the run-on sentence. ;)

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I accept your apology even though I don't remember the offense. I must beat your car age record if my life is to make any sort of sense at all.

Jenny said...

Yay for Saturns! Mine is 7 years old and works like a charm.

I got choked up when I had to get rid of my old car. It was 14 at the time, 7 of those years was spent with me.