Saturday, November 10, 2007

Baby Hat F.O.

This is a quickie that I made over the past couple of days. I don't usually finish things that fast because of all the frogging and reknitting I do, but I was just laying around and it's all I did. It's not my first baby hat either. I've got experience. One of my very first projects when I restarted knitting was a Lil Devil Baby Hat from There are similarities in that they both have flaps, but the Kittyville one is bottom up and mine is top down. I made the back longer to a. show which side is the back, b. keep that scrawny neck warm and c. keep it from riding up and tilting forward and covering the little dude's eyes all the time. Then there is the eternal question: To pompon or not to pompon?

Not one of these pics shows the color well at all. Sorry. I had trouble just holding the camera still. It is much greener than shown and I like it a lot. I'll probably throw in some little sockies while I'm at it. It is for my friends Nii and Rostian's new baby boy, Ethan. Maybe I'll be able to get pics of him. With or without the knitwear.
Pattern: None
Yarns: Held together throughout: 1. Lion Sassy Stripes in that gray/white vs. orange, fuchsia & bright green striping design, 2. KnitPicks Essential in Grass (solid green). About 25-30 grams of each.
Needles: Various of my size 4 circs and dpns. Incidentally I don't like the KnitPicks #4 nickle plated circs because they're too pointy. I love the cables. The cables make other needle cables almost unendurable. Why aren't others coming out with cables like those?


Batty said...

I like it! The little pompom on top is adorable, and the ties are going to make sure someone's adorable ears don't get cold.

Elizabeth said...

cute cute cute.

I hope you're just about recovered from your surgery.

Sue, aka seiding said...

I am pro pompons for babies. Besides, you already made the pompon.

Elizabeth said...

I'm still giggling at your side bar additions. I'm neutral on pompons. My one caveat is that some babies will suck on anything and most pompons will start to self-destruct with that kind of work-over. (Ask me how I know.)