Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Hat Revisited & Socks

Here is a better, but still lousy picture of the baby hat for Ethan and 1 and 1/5 of the matching socks. (The second sock is now finished.) I still couldn't get the color right on the hat, so let me throw in the 1,0o0 words that this picture isn't worth. The green of the sock is warmer than in the picture. In fact, it's KnitPicks Essential sock yarn in the color Grass. Here's a picture that I borrowed from Ravelry. It's more accurate than KnitPick's own picture. As a matter of fact, my picture is better than that of KnitPicks. They really should look into that.
Back to the hat. So the green yarn was held together with a self striping yarn in which every other stripe was gray and white mixed like a ragg. The remaining stripes were bright green, orange and hot pink. When knit together, the green of the Essential became infused throughout whereas in my picture it only appears as a stripe. The whites and oranges in the picture are much less prominent and a quick glance might not evev reveal that it is striped. Altogether, it is much warmer than the picture, and quite appealing.


Elizabeth said...

Very cute.

Sometimes I get better color representation by being in bright but not direct sunlight, like the shady side of the house on a bright day. Some colors just defy all efforts at accurate representation.

Kristina B said...

Great hat... :-) I love the colour. And I agree with Elizabeth about the colour defiance. COlours are so powerful!!!

Kristina B said...

PS the link to my so-called "tutorial" on sewing with neckties is blogged at