Saturday, May 11, 2013

Craig's List

First of all, here is an update on the yellow-green-purple socklets.  I did rip back and fix the blotchy join.  I have knit to the tops and bound both off and have started the heel on one. 

Knitting friend Ann found a couple of sales on Craigslist.  The first we visited was a destash sale by three knitting friends.  My first question when we got there was what were their names on Ravelry, but they didn't "do that."  There was a lot of nice yarn.  I thought the prices were too high.  I did make one offer on some red/orange/pink mohair, but I was turned down.  Ann made an offer on a kit and was turned down also.  She thinks they aren't really committed to destashing.  But I did get these very nice needles for $11.25.  The top three are 12" Japanese Clovers in which the cable and the needle are all of a piece.  I have a small collection of these.  They were $1.25 each.  The double points are ebony I think.  They were $2.50 a set.  They had a lot of other high end circular needles, but naturally I couldn't think of what I needed.  OK, "needed" might not be the proper word. 

The second sale we hit was part of an estate sale in Waukesha (+/- 20 miles out).  It was mostly sewing things, quilting things, beading things and some books.  I guess there had been more knitting stuff, but that had been sold. There were lots of embroidery hoops.  Ann bought two and some embroidery cloth and I don't know what else.  I spent $5.00 and got everything in the picture.  The sellers were happy and so was I.   A funny thing that happened is that a young woman came in with a tiny babe in arms.  One of the sellers said that she would hold the baby if she wanted to put her down.  The offer was politely refused. The young mother bought something and left.  As soon as she was gone, Ann, the two sellers, and I all started squeeing about the baby and how we wished to hold her.  Must be our inner grandmothers coming out. 


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I'd let you hold my baby!

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I covet those double points.