Monday, May 20, 2013

Cross Your Fingers

The Problem

The Solution?


Molly Bee said...

Oi! I fear this won't end well.

Elizabeth said...

I made my frankenneedles out of big cheap plastic needles and aquarium tubing. I cut off the cord connectors and had Scott turn the needles on the lathe, to make the aquarium tubing seat on the needle with a smooth join. I use them for making felted slippers and they work really well.

Unknown said...

no not the tape! I too fear it will be a disaster..... superglue!

anglophile said...

Have you tried melting the ends together over a candle?

jpknits said...

Meanwhile, I am nosy about the yarn.

Staying tuned!!!

THE oweadi, it says to type. Sounds like a draft title Homer ditched.