Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sporty Socks Done!

So here are the Cascade Fixation socks completed and modeled by the lovely me.
I hope they are like the early pink pair I made out of this yarn and are all creamy and buttery on me pore ole crubes. I could feel every stitch of the blue pair I made.
There is no pattern. The mirrored design is crossed stitches or 1 by 1 cables.  These are one of my favorite stitch treatments.
I may end up redoing the bind off if it rolls too much. In that case I would have to frog the last row or so.  To frog is to rip back, or unravel your knitting.  This usage of "frog" has a rather silly etymology.  It derives from the expression, "rip it," which has been compared to what Americans teach their children are frog sounds, namely "ribbit, ribbit."  By association then, the term "frog" has come into use.  I'm sure that it was popularized through the Internet.  If not, I doubt I ever would have heard it or begun to use it.  Virtually every knitter I know also uses it.  I happen to do it a lot--frogging, that is.  The other IT I do very little.
I have begun another sock.  I had intended it for a purse sock, but I need to read the pattern chart.  So we'll see about that.  I might dredge up one of my older socks in progress or start another pair for the purse.

Isn't it pretty?  I lost the yarn label, but I thnk that it's 100% superwash from an Indy dyer who has a cutesy name like Baby Bunny or Busy Bee.  Seiding will know.  She and I bought the same yarn in the same colorway on the same day at the same booth at the same fiber festival at the same time.  Only mine was 20% off because I know how to talk to people.*  She already made socks out of it.  If she sends me a picture, I will post it here.
**Absolutely untrue statement.  I don't know why I think it is funny to lie like that. 


Laura said...

Gorgeous yarn. Is it the nemesis pattern?

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Yes, it is the Nemesis pattern. I'm up to row 30 now.