Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Old Finished Object or OFO

Please to excuse the upside-downess of the pic. It is a tunic length sweater I made myself out of Noro's Silk Garden. It was knit top down with advice from Barbara Walker and Elizabeth Zimmerman books. The big story in it's making was the sleeve patterning. I wanted the striping to be similar in width to the body striping. Seeing as how 1. it was knit in the round and b. my body is considerably wider than my arms, the striping was much, much, much wider and much more subtle on the arms. I posted the problem on the Knitty Coffeeshop message board and someone suggested knitting both sleeves in one piece and then steeking them. That is what I did and then kitchenered Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting them onto the rest of the sweater. I think it turned out really well. It was my first adult sized sweater. It's a little big because I used too large a needle so it grows slightly and because I made the raglans a little too long, wanting to err on the generous side. See the waist shaping? It is quite subtle when on because the sweater is fairly loose. The sleeves end with a very simple chevron-y semi-lacy business. I tried this same border on the hem, but I couldn't make it work. Ditto for the collar. I tried about 3 different collar/neckline treatments. I even frogged once after wearing it. I couldn't get anything to lay right. I went with a rolled neck which is not in the photo. I think the collar in the photo is the original turtleneck. I've worn it several times, finding it just a little itchy. I don't care, though. I really love the sweater. I just have to carefully resist the urge to tweak it. I've had dangerous thoughts about turning it into a shrug.
And yes, that is the world's ugliest carpeting. Thanks for asking! And the blackness in the corner is Musette passing through. That is her little white footie near the neck of the sweater.
In other news I bought a vintage knitting basket from E-Bay. I finally found a good one with a decent price. Here is


Jenny said...

Oooh, I have seen this sweater in person. Love it!

Sue, aka seiding said...

Hey, I remember the steeked arms post--that was before I knew you! I thought you were so brave to try it--I'm putting steeking off all the time. That's a great sweater. Nice kitty too! More kitty pictures!