Saturday, November 04, 2006

Angora Sockettes

How do you like my new camera? Me, neither. Anyhow, these are the angora bed socks completed.

The Facts of the Matter:

Pattern: None. 2 at once, toe-up, 60 stitches, afterthought heel

Yarn: "Italian Angora" from the 7-dollar yarn man at Stitches Midwest (2006)

Needles: 47" Addi number 1 US--the large number 1

Pluses: Color. I'd call it red hot red. It's love. Too bad you can't see it. Softness: Oh-My-GOD! Mileage: According to the label, this was only 15 grams and I had enough for atleast a couple more inches on both cuffs. The stitch pattern of little tiny purl v. knit triangles actually shows pretty well in real life. The camera does it almost no justice at all.

Minuses: Breaks very easily. Grabs onto itself. Almost no memory--notice the cuffs. And the number one minus . . . Pills like crazy! That didn't photograph either, but basically I've only worn them once and they're a mess. I don't expect them to last much longer. I may felt them for a small person when I retire them. Or I could maybe felt them into wrist warmers for me.

Regrets: None, really. This has been an exercise in luxury. What to do with the rest? And the black skein?

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Yarnista said...

Thanks for the comment on my handbag. These sockettes are lovely. I love the baby hat, it is so sweet.