Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knitting with Wire and a Designer

I am now a test knitter. Yes folks, Bev, from Monday Night knitting asked me to test knit a wire and bead bracelet. She is selling kits for bracelets and necklaces. I liked the experience and I thought her pattern was very good. The one I made had gold colored wire and gold colored pearls--the bumpy kind. You can see in the picture. She has all kinds of colors of wire and many types and colors of beads, as well as different patterns.
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This is the clasp:
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I had a contact cement incident earlier that day. You can see some of the glue still on my hand.
Here's Bev. She's wearing a knitted wire and bead necklace of her own design and the hat you saw in a previous post. Too bad I didn't capture the groovy little antenna/tassle/stem thingie. Bev is a master of the funky hat.
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Bezzie said...

That's pretty cool! How fine of a gauge wire did you end up using? It turned out great!

Kaitie Tee said...

I love the bracelets!